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Soul evolution through qigong, meditation, and high vibe living.

I’m here to help you take a pause from the busy-ness of life, get your energy flowing, and raise your vibration.

Hi, I’m Lenna

I teach qigong and meditation and combine reiki with intuitive healing to those of all ages who are looking to incorporate more peace, health, and vitality into their everyday lives. I’m based in Maui, Hawaii, and I teach virtually around the world.

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Hi there, I’m Lenna!

I’m so happy you found your way here! I work with those looking to incorporate more serenity and joy into their lives, helping them to relax and recharge through qigong, meditation, reiki, and intuitive healing so they can sleep better, work smarter, and feel gratitude every day. My mission? To empower you to find balance and get back to your true self, so that you can live your life full of health, happiness, and expansiveness. Learn more about me.

What others are saying

“Lenna’s classes were amazing. I have been meditating for most of my adult life and Lenna’s classes took me to the next level. Lenna’s a natural teacher and makes the lessons easy to understand. She is patient and a great listener. Her classes helped me realize that I want to learn more! I look forward to more classes in the future.”

Jennifer, Maui, Hawaii

“I’ve done some of Lenna’s meditations and I’ve really enjoyed them. My favorite one was the one about my aura. I loved seeing the different colors, I feel like it’s made me stronger knowing that I have something protecting me. If Lenna does more, I would DEFINITELY listen to them!”

Coco (Middle School Student), Maui, Hawaii

“Lenna’s classes came at the right time for me. I was looking for something to do spiritually and I have been searching for a way to build my own energetic strength so that I am not so influenced by other energies. Despite all my years of reading and research, I learnt something new in each class. Lenna is an incredible teacher, the space she holds for her students is amazing. I felt listened to and heard, whilst expanding my knowledge in the areas that aren’t taught in everyday life! I was searching for something like this, and the timing was perfect. I would highly recommend Lenna’s courses and look forward to taking more!”

Marsha (Marketing Executive) , Maui, Hawaii

“Lenna is a healer, a teacher, and a person of truly inspiring integrity. I have been working with Lenna for almost three years now and am thrilled that she has chosen to share her gifts with the collective. Lenna teaches with love and a deep reverence for the inherent knowledge we all possess. She has a way of helping us to access our own information with clarity, kindness, and compassion. Her qigong class is both healing and dynamic and leaves us with a feeling of wholeness and present time well-being. Lenna’s meditations guide us to connect with our deepest selves and help us to feel more grounded in our day-to-day lives. I am grateful for Lenna’s healing influence in my life. She is a great sherpa for all of us who are interested in evolving and embarking on a new, inspiring journey.”

Judy (Artist and Actress) , Brooklyn, New York

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