Comfort Zones

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Neale Donald Walsh

How often do you get close to the edge of your comfort zone? I’ve been traveling to Nicaragua with my family since the summer of 2005. Probably beyond many a comfort zone, but not mine. My older daughter was 18 months at the time, and I immediately fell in love with the country. In a grocery store in the capital city, a Nicaraguan woman with a gold-toothed smile, proudly carried my daughter around. I couldn’t help but allow her the moment, and her joy was contagious.

Crossing the border from Costa Rica into Nicaragua

We’ve spent countless summers and holidays there. We’ve only missed two summers, and our family of four even lived in Nicaragua for a year. That very year included a crazy hurricane and a civil uprising. Still not outside my comfort zone. I’m lucky to have a family who’s always up for adventure but still keeps me grounded.

Fast forward to the summer of 2022, and I found myself very close to the edge. Some may consider me adventurous, but I am still a planner. I can embrace change (with an internal pep talk) but I have a typical summer pattern. It goes like this: visit family on the east coast, meet up with husband at Houston International, fly to Costa Rica, walk across border into Nicaragua, unplug. A week before the “meet up with husband” part, he let me know that he was not able to join us. No problem, breathe. I understand, breath. I can do this.

The day before I flew, my dear friend asked if I was nervous at all. She knows me too well. My husband is in Maui, my 18-year old daughter is in Costa Rica, and my 11-year old daughter and I are third-world-country Nica bound. I fare much better when all my birdies are in the same nest. But there I was, going through the motions: navigating customs and immigration, finding my reserved taxi, walking across the border, going through another set of customs and immigration, and finding the next taxi with a brave smile on my face for the sake of my traveling buddy. Needless to say, I made it safely to our sweet Casa Congo, all the better for having managed the journey I’ve made over 20 times, but this time as the sole adult.

Each step near the edge and even outside my comfort zone has been preparing me for the biggest journey yet. Professionally, I’ve been a structural engineer, a middle school science teacher, and an assistant principal. I am now moving into energy healing, and where the previous story feels like a step just outside my comfort zone, this next one feels just outside it (okay, maybe more than “just”). If life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone, I’m seizing life to the fullest.

We all have our own comfort zones. If you are looking to re-energize yours, let’s connect for a reiki and energy healing session, a private qigong or meditation session, or a combination of any of the above.

With light and gratitude,